What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“Chris’ Art Rocks!!” – Anonymous

“I think you are an amazing marketer. Your blog has so much energy and information and life to it and I imagine that’s why so many people keep going to it. I think you are really quite special and a very dynamic personality. I’m glad to know you.” – Allison

“Hey Chris,Your paintings are so cool. I wish I had your talent.” -Mixie

“I do love your new pricing strategy though, very clever. I hope it works, we need to try everything!” -Nikki

“Fun talking with you doll — went to your site and your paintings are beautiful!!!!!!!” -Karla

“You have such an art spirit. By the way have you read “The Art Spirit’? Great book to read and refer to.” -Bob

“I looked at your site, very nice. Keep painting.your drawings were beautiful.” -Eleanor

“Drawings of yours are so full of openness and humor.” – Nikki

“Chris, I’d seen your blog-but I just visited your gallery. What a gorgeous site and I really love your abstract. Very fresh.” – Vikki