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May 15, 2011

Hello Million Friends,

I hope this blog post finds everyone well. I’ve updated my blog/website for the third time and I’m getting it closer to what I like. I’m still messing around with a few things and in particular the font.

I call it a blog/website because while it started out as a blog where I posted more frequently in the past, I’m changing it over to more of a static website where I don’t blog so much but highlight my paintings.  After all, a blog is just a type of website.

My Art Moves to the Home Page

The biggest change I made was displaying my art when you arrive at my site.  Although I loved blogging when I first started, and the blog was the main page that showed up when someone visited my site, I have not continued the blog posts on a regular basis, so my paintings come first, and that’s they way it should be.

I’m using a new WordPress gallery plugin that makes it easy to upload images of my art and organize them in the order I want and they just show up right away.  At any time, I can place the thumbnails on the left, on the top, on the right, and on the bottom of the main image being displayed.  Pretty easy.

A viewer can click either the thumbnail or just keep clicking on the main image and they’ll rotate through the gallery.

I still have the Art Stars page available and anyone can become an Art Star.  If you’re a website owner, blogger or both, you can become an Art Star and gain one or two backlinks to your site.

If you want to just say, “Hi Chris!!”, use the contact form or comment on a blog post like this one.  If you want to subscribe to my site and receive free updates when they happen, subscribe using this page.

That’s it for now.  Take care everyone.

Pray for Peace,

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tammy vitale May 16, 2011 at 2:40 pm

Hi Chris! your site looks great. I know it’s a labor of love. Congratulations!

BTW what’s the name of the WordPress plug in you’re using?


Chris May 16, 2011 at 6:44 pm

Thanks Tammy! The free plugin is called Photospace 2. I also use another free plugin called Faster Image Insert because it let’s you upload images faster and it shows up just below your WordPress editor.

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