They Were Waiting

March 5, 2010

A couple days ago I accidentally sent out a personal email to my husband who happens to be my webmaster, and for the sake of this article I will call him my master.   It wasn’t awful, well…okay it was awful, perfect word.


As the responses to the mistaken email streamed into my inbox from clients, friends, relatives and a couple stray people I would love to adopt…I wanted to crawl under my desk…oh the shame.

For some odd reason I felt like I needed to give myself a courtesy flush.  Too late!  Everyone was so nice it makes perfect sense to share some of the responses, so here goes:

I noticed it was probably a mistake since it was addressed to Bill. No problem!”

You are such an extraordinary person!

“Hi Chris, nice to hear from you although this seems not to concern me personally, LOL.  😀  Have a great week, greetings from Paris!”

“I am an Italian photographer, I went to your web site and I think your work is wonderful.”

“Not sure why this sent to me.  I don’t have this client.”

Dear Chris, “Well, hello there how ya doin’?”

“Am I going to read about you in the newspaper tomorrow after he beats you??? Thanks! I really feel the Spirit moving around my choice to pursue life coaching!”  🙂

“Hi!  Thanks for this e-mail.  I’ve been wanting to look at some of your artwork and ponder buying something.  Thank you!  I especially LOVE “Sweet Barb’s Flower.  My name is Barb too!”   🙂

I woke up at 2:45 a.m. and couldn’t sleep because my mind was painting and I had to get up and do something about it.

Here is an example of my process, this is a highly experimental smaller piece, 8×8″, much like my highly experimental larger pieces.



Then the image appeared in the center, a woman holding a child.  Sure, I see a row of people heading in the direction of 2:00, and now I also see a man with a hat in the center in the Alizarin at the top center.  The woman with child was the image I was drawn into so that is what I painted.  When the process flows like this the hope is always renewed for my future paintings.



Photo Credit: RBerteig

Pray for peace,

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