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Art Stars

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Art Stars is YOUR chance to promote YOUR OWN work, whatever that may be. If you’re a part of Chris Bolmeier Art, then you should be on this page.

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Art Stars

Apple River Art StudioBlogCatherine Meyers

Hello Chris,
Oh I have been looking for an Artist like you! I have been trying to get into the self marketing mode for some yime now but my God I think we as artists seem to think marketing and art shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. I wished I’d been given tools to understand this whole skill set when I was in Art College. I think things would have been so much easier.

I have learned alot on my own trial and error and absorbing as much as I can through various means. They internet has opened up the world! Thank God I had the funds to purchase a computer a number of years ago. One of the best tools ever! I look forward to hearing form you. Catherine Meyers

Susan Grissom Fine ArtsBlogSusan Grissom

This blog is like a focused lens into the world of things I find interesting, inspiring and have been influences for me as well as a catalyst for making art. What seems like an overwhelming time to live in I am hoping this blog will help me slow down and savor these wonderful finds. I hope they will inspire you as well.

Bobbi Dunlop Fine ArtBobbi Dunlop

In a style and flavor steeped in the critical measure and influence of the Old Masters, yet with a signature so remarkably and uniquely her own, Bobbi Dunlop consistently manages to strike a personal chord with all who view her work.

Dunlop resides in Calgary, Alberta where she paints from life, surrounded by memorabilia and works-in-progress, in her beautiful, expansive north-lit studio.

Cookie and Whiskey Bolmeier

  • Long-Haired Chihuahua Puppy Art Lovers
  • Primary Financial Supporters of
  • Board of Directors

Bricolage Art – Eliah Gregg

I love this idea!! I am part of a small women’s art Co op in Columbus Ohio and we do something like this in house. Thanks for doing what you do, where you do it!

Cestandrea Art BlogAndrea

13thirtyone DesignSubscribe to BlogAngela Ferraro-Fanning

Borsheim Arts StudioBlogFree Art Newsletter
Kelly Borsheim

Read my blog about an artistic life in Florence, Italy, and about some of the art I create. My site shows my full body of work — primarily sculpture in stone and bronze. I love the human form ! Thank you for this opportunity. Ciao, bella.

Miracle IconsMary Jo Pane

Dundee GalleryJean Imray

To inspire an appreciation and desire for fine original art created by local and regional artists.

Studio|chrisSubscribe to BlogChris Price

I am an artist and web designer who specializes in creating websites and customized blogs for other artists.

When I’m not coding and developing a website, I spend my time painting in and teaching Corel Painter, Photoshop and several other software applications.

For other digital artists creating with Corel Painter, I’m also the author of the Studio|chris Brush Installer which installs downloaded Painter brush categories automagically!

(Thanks Chris for the invite!)

Faces & FiguresSubscribe to BlogPeggi Habets

I paint expressive, contemporary portraits of people and pets. I work in watercolor and oils.

Shiver ShiverMary O

Thanks Chris…you’re an art star!

nikkiartworkNikki Coulombe

Images and ideas are powerful, and presenting them is what I do best, ultimately as a traditional Artist most comfortable painting and drawing. Thanks for this generous opportunity you offer to others here on your website, Chris.

Robin Maria PedreroBlogRobin Maria Pedrero

I create dynamic landscapes that speak to the soul.

Scarlett Garnet JewleryGarnet Baker

Scarlett Garnet is the joint venture of Garnet Baker and Katie Miller. The two joined forces to promote their artistic vision and technical talent of handcrafted jewelry in 2006. Virtually “meeting” through mutual friends, Scarlett Garnet Jewelry was born while Katie lived in Charleston, SC, and Garnet in Kansas City, MO.

After a year communicating solely through email and cell phone, Katie returned to St. Louis and the two finally met in October 2007. They continue to collaborate long distance across the state, allowing for an interesting dynamic in the creative process.

As they synergize their efforts, their designs remain distinguishable yet compatible and are at times a true collaboration. The natural beauty of earth elements in their raw form is a major focus of their work. Uncommon gemstones, unconventional cuts and asymmetrical pieces are Scarlett Garnet’s hallmark.

They possess an eye for strong, architectural-like shapes that allow the wearer to make a bold statement. The addition of brass and copper to the more traditional sterling and gold in much of their work adds another literal element to their design palette. Scarlett Garnet is delighted to
share their jewelry with you and enjoys the energy brought on by like-minded artists and supporters.

Lauren Pascale – Supporter of the Arts

Factual TV – Carl Wahlstrom

factualTV is a brand new way for fans of documentaries, lifestyle programs and people with an interest in a specific subject to search, find and watch titles, which we have collected from all over the globe.

The leading online destination for high quality factual programs and documentaries for streaming and download.

Karla DeVito – Art Star

Artist/Painter/Printmaker/TeacherJaime Hackbart

T’eez – A Thomas Sena SalonThomas Sena

Joe Kaz, Landscape PainterSubscribe to BlogJoe Kazimierczyk

I am an American landscape painter working mainly in the region of central New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I exhibit extensively in Lambertville, NJ / New Hope, Pa.


Daily paintings with small contemporary originals at very affordable prices.

For this blog I am painting many themes all mostly with figures or landscapes. Most of the paintings are small oil paintings but there are plenty of larger ones too at very good prices. The work is charming and varied and will look good in your house framed or unframed.

To create my paintings I use my own Maroger mediums (two different ones : the Rubens jelly medium and the Titian wax medium). This allows colors to give my canvas a sense of vibrancy.

Some of my paintings have more apparent brush strokes than others, which I really enjoy to show. My work has and will continue to involve landscapes figures, adolescence, and refreshing imagery, as well as spiritual themes.

This is part of who I am.

Sacred Art Images -Blog – Janie Mills

Multi-personalities should be my middle name! I adore altered art, altars, junking, collecting…..but I always go back to my love of oil painting. I crave the smell, the texture, the vibrancy – well, just everything about it.

Bob Ragland Art Career Coach -Blog – Bob Ragland

Check out Newsweek Magazine March 2,2009 – Good overview of the national art world. Also Forbes magazine article, December 22, 2008.

You can never have too much information as an artist.

JT Harding – Sensual RealismJT Harding

Portrait and Figurative painter (built. 1963)

Brooke Haarer – Study of Beauty – Brooke Haarer

I’m a very young artist trying to make my mark on the world. The only problem is, getting my name out there.